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A Stunning Concrete Backyard Patio and Staircase Installation In Odenton, MD

We headed to the Two Rivers neighborhood in Odenton for a stunning concrete backyard patio and staircase installation. The homeowners called on MD Curbscape to help bring some exterior living space to the backyard of their lovely home. Having a stamped concrete patio gives families lots of options for outdoor activities. And it’s far more attractive than plain concrete.

When the young military family first called us at MD Curbscape to talk about revamping their backyard, we let them know we could help. They had plenty of room but nowhere to barbecue, entertain or sit and relax. They had a lovely home but couldn’t enjoy their backyard with their family. It’s more challenging to do that when you only have grass in your backyard. Concrete patios and walkways are much more conducive to barbecuing and sitting around a table during a gathering while enjoying the summer evenings.

Reviewing the Choices

The couple had done their homework. They took the time to look at pricing from competitors and read reviews on our website. MD Curbscape has the endorsements of Best of HouzzBBB, and Angie’s List. We were honored that we were selected as the local concrete company that would bring their military family a quality, beautiful outdoor living space to enjoy entertaining and relaxing in peace and quiet.

We have 40 different concrete colors and dozens of stamped concrete designs at Maryland Curbscape, making the possibilities endless. Our design team talked to the couple about different styles, costs, and what they envisioned. We discussed the aesthetics of sweeping lines to compliment the shape of the backyard space. The builders finished the yard with a lawn during the building process. Still, they did not add any exterior stairs at the rear exit at the double sliding glass doors. They decided the whole project was a must-have to enjoy their house to its fullest.

After reviewing all of their options, the couple selected a slate gray random tile pattern design with a darker gray perimeter accent border. While they were at it, they installed a matching stamped concrete staircase leading up to double sliding glass doors. The matching color and texture defined and expanded their outdoor living space.

The construction schedule timeline determined it to be a three-day project. And that’s precisely how long it took from start to finish.

The Final Design

Our team leveled the site where the concrete was ready to pour. The area must be level, or the concrete will crack. Our technicians are professionals. They prepped the patio and staircase area with ease while being cautious with the existing landscape.

The sweeping lines of the patio and the matching stairs are stunning. Their family enjoyed the new outdoor living space in less than 24 hours after we had gathered up our equipment and were off the property. There is room for a shed to house a lawnmower and the BBQ in the winter, along with other tools a homeowner needs to take care of their home.

We are a local company and take optimal care of your property while completing the project you entrusted us with. We are proud of our work and how happy our clients have been over the years.

Call us now and schedule an appointment to talk about making your outdoor living space blossom into a place where dreams come true. We’ll make your vision a reality. It’s what we do.

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