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New Slip-Resistant Walkway!

You have weeded, planted, mowed, dug, chopped, soiled and trimmed everything in sight. And then you see it. There is one true eyesore […]

Crofton Project

The colors, the cool weather, the fashion, the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season and Halloween are all the very best parts of the fall season. Interior decorating can be done in a day, but what about the […]

Small Budget? Large Results!

Have you lived in Maryland for long? If so, you know that the weather can run the gamut: it can be warm and sunny one day, and cold and breezy the next. As the old adage goes, “If you get tired of the weather, wait for tomorrow.” […]

What Is Old Can Be New Again

Concrete is exciting. Concrete, exciting?! Yes, you read that right: we take things and make them new again. Have you ever looked at your home or a part of your property and remembered why you fell in love with it in the first place? Or perhaps, you […]

New Homeowners, New Backyard

Some of the most exciting times can also be some of our most stressful times, largely due to the unknown and any transitional periods that are associated with these often life-changing events. Maryland Curbscape recently completed work on a single-family home in Annapolis, where the homeowners were […]

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