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Beautiful… Concrete?!

You read that correctly. Concrete, the mixture of water, aggregate, and cement, can be beautiful, as well as functional and long-lasting. Maryland Curbscape recently took on a project where homeowners were renovating an existing wooden deck area. With steps leading down the deck to the lawn, the homeowners thought it would be beneficial to lay down a concrete patio to extend the outdoor living space. After meeting with us, they chose a custom stamped concrete, and to further accent the space, also selected a free-form shape with a slight curve instead of the more common rectangular box shape.

Choosing a concrete design may seem like a simple task, but when faced with all the possibilities—should you choose brick, cobblestone, flagstone, slate, or something else more abstract?—it may become daunting. We at Maryland Curbscape revel in the details and can seamlessly guide you through all the options available for your project. The clients in this case decided on “slate cobblestone,” with a color palette using gray on gray. We used coloring that was added directly to the concrete mixture to ensure a solid fluidity of color application in the concrete slab for greater durability.

The pièce de résistance in this project? A stamped concrete sitting wall that was installed to truly complement the patio. As you can see from the photo, while the seating is concrete, it done tastefully to balance the space. We often get asked about ways to embellish or heighten the design of installed concrete. We pride ourselves in offering superior opportunities to customize your concrete project, including:

Utilizing dyes, coatings, overlays, resurfacing, staining, or stamping
Adding in stairs, seating, or pathways
Finding patterns that mimic modern, rustic, traditional, or even tropical designs (to name a few)
The project was completed in two days, start to finish, including the final task of the sealant application. The—that’s right: beautiful—patio and sitting area were ready to be enjoyed with the next morning’s coffee. We loved the outcome and really enjoyed bringing to life our clients’ vision and desire for their home. Due to the durability and weatherability of concrete, we feel confident the timeless design of this outdoor space will be able to be appreciated for years to come.

Our team is dedicated to bringing our clients the highest quality in all we do: from our products and services to our customer services and billing, we want you to be fully satisfied with our work and with our company. For more information on custom stamped concrete designs or how to make your project ideas a reality, please contact us.

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