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Catonsville MD Sidewalk and Staircase Makeover

For this concrete staircase and sidewalk repair project, Maryland Curbscape headed to a home in Catonsville. The Baltimore County homeowners’ existing concrete staircase and sidewalk left a lot to be desired. It was cracking and coming apart, creating a safety hazard and liability for them.

Replacing the Potentially Hazardous Sidewalk and Staircase

The moss and landscaping were slowly taking over, which would compromise the integrity of the staircase and railing even further. Luckily, the homeowners knew they needed experts to handle this situation, and the team at MD Curbscape was ready to turn this potential liability into a safe walkway for family and visitors.

Working with our design team, the homeowners decided to tear out the entire curb, sidewalk, and staircase leading to the driveway to start from scratch. They chose stamped concrete, which has long-lasting durability and requires minimal maintenance.

The 3-Day Transformation with Custom Designed Stamped Concrete

This project took not quite three full days to complete. Day one was demolition day. We busted up and removed the old sidewalk, staircase, and curb, taking care not to damage the existing railing so the homeowners could have it reinstalled. We removed some of the plants threatening to overtake the concrete, leaving a safe gap between the new concrete and the landscaping.

Days two and three consisted of mixing the concrete to the smoked gray color scheme the homeowners chose. Then, the MD Curbscape team started forming the new curb, sidewalk, and staircase. We created a custom flagstone stamped concrete design to complement the homeowners’ existing flagstone facade running along the base of their home.

Our team never tires of laying down stamped concrete. The design options are endless, and the transformation is always satisfying, both for our team and the homeowners. Stamped concrete is one of our most popular concrete finishes, and gray is another popular choice. With so many color choices and shades of gray to choose from, no two Maryland home projects are the same in the end.

Now, back to this Catonsville home. Before day three was completely over, we were wrapping up this project. The homeowners didn’t have to wait long to start enjoying their new curb, sidewalk, and staircase. Cautiously, of course, because we hadn’t reinstalled the railing yet. They opted not to have a railing set in the concrete like the original stairs. The homeowners were still deciding if they wanted to reuse the railing or go with something different.

Ready to Hire for Your Next Project?

Concrete is our expertise, and our goal is to use that expertise to turn your vision into reality. We work on projects large and small for Maryland homeowners. Stamped concrete offers an expensive look without the high price tag, and you can customize the color and design. Our design team brings your vision to life while our concrete team executes it to meet your expectations. We also do concrete resurfacing and repair work too.

If you’re dreaming of a concrete project, let the team at Maryland Curbscape bring your dreams to life. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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