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Choosing Stamped Concrete or Traditional Concrete

When laying a sidewalk, driveway, or patio area, homeowners can choose between traditional concrete or stamped concrete. People often love the look of stamped concrete but wonder how different it is compared to stamped concrete.

A better understanding of stamped concrete can help you choose which option is best. And that’s what we are going to discuss in this blog post.

If you have additional questions feel free to let us know.

Stamped concrete IS concrete

One of the most important things to understand about stamped concrete is that it is poured concrete. There are some differences in which we will get to in a second, but from a foundational standpoint, they are the same material.

This means that longevity, maintenance, and (some) aspects of the pouring process are the same.With stamped concrete, you will be getting the same standards of quality you can expect from standard concrete.

There are, however, some differences you will notice between the two as you explore the two options.

Differences between stamped concrete and standard concrete

The Look, Feel and Styles

Stamped concrete gives homeowners the ability to create a unique experience in their entryways, walkways and/or outdoor living spaces. Rather than the traditional grey concrete it offers homeowners a vast number of styles and color options.

Stamped concrete can be created to look like pavers, stones, bricks, wood or other materials the homeowner desires. Here at Maryland Curbscape, we offer over 40 colors to choose from and over a dozen design patterns.

At a foundational level, stamped concrete is still the same grey poured concrete your used to seeing but can look and feel completely different.

Installation process

The installation of stamped concrete is very similar to that of standard concrete but with a few additional measures being taken. The process is the same until the concrete is leveled. This is where the final finish is done.

At this point, the color for stamped concrete will be added. Nex step is when the concrete is actually stamped.

This step takes expert knowledge and precision timing. Colors have to be evenly added and concrete has to be stamped at just the right time or else the homeowner will end up with a very subpar product.

This is why we suggest expert installation rather than attempting DIY stamped concrete project.


The last major difference between standard concrete and stamped concrete is the price. Producing stamped concrete is a much more labor-intensive process than pouring standard concrete and this extra effort is reflected in the price point.

This cost will vary depending on a number of factors including things such as design and color patterns used.

Is stamped concrete right for you?

Now that you know what stamped concrete is and the differences between it and standard concrete you are likely thinking through things and wondering which is the best investment. This is a decision that only you as the homeowner can answer, but, we can provide you with the value of stamped concrete to better weigh your options.

Here’s what stamped concrete can do for you:

  • Improve curb appeal
  • Gives you a unique style to enjoy
  • Can better match the aesthetics of your home
  • Aids in raising property value

What are your concrete needs? Standard concrete is a great affordable option for anyone needing to lay a driveway, patio or other living space. For those who want their concrete to add a little more style and beauty then they should consider stamped concrete.

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