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Driveway Makeover in Columbia Maryland

We’re back with another standard concrete driveway replacement, this time with homeowners in the Columbia, Maryland, area. When we first pulled up to the house, we instantly knew why they had reached out. The old driveway had seen better days with grass growing through the cracks in the surface. It was certainly in need of a replacement.

The homeowners also decided to redo the stairs leading to the walkway and the stoop to the front door. While the stairs only had minor wear and tear, the walkway looked like the driveway, and the stoop was uneven, not lining up with the house. Over time, concrete can sag if the ground beneath it is not level. That’s what happened here in a part of the driveway and upper level of the yard leading to the front door.

No worries here. Maryland Curbscape is on the job!

A Quick Job With a Lasting Impact

We were able to complete this install in just one day, from start to finish. There was little disruption for the homeowners, which is always a great cherry on top of a successful installation!

At the beginning of the day, we jackhammered the driveway, steps, walkway, and stoop. After removing all the debris and ensuring everything was level, it was time to pour the concrete. The homeowners went with standard concrete, making for a relatively seamless transition from the old driveway to the new one.

With an experienced team that works so well together, we could knock out the entire job in just one day. The homeowners were ecstatic to come home to see a level stoop and walkway. When redoing the stairs, we added an extra step to reduce the height of each step, making it easier to get up to the brand new walkway above.

The Driveway Takes Center Stage

As expected, the new driveway was the star of the show. Gone was the uneven and cracked driveway, discolored with age and use. A smooth, even driveway with well-defined expansion joints is in its place to allow them to get as much life out of this driveway as they did with their last one.

The homeowners were happy at the end of the day, and Maryland Curbscape can be proud of another job well done and in just one day. We never tire of seeing the before and after pictures. Just how quickly our team can complete a project that makes a huge but understated impact on the property.

Ready for Our Next Close Up

Do you have a property in Maryland that could use updated concrete? Our team at Maryland Curbscape in Annapolis, Maryland, can help, from designing your new space to implementing the design. Allow our design team to make your dreams come true while the concrete teams make them a reality.

Contact Maryland Curbscape today to get a free consultation on your next concrete project. From small to large projects, standard to stamped concrete, and even resurfacing and repair, the team at Maryland Curbscape is ready to exceed your expectations.

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