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Fresh Concrete For A Perfect Patio Upgrade

For some homeowners, installing a new swimming pool in the backyard is the highlight of the summer—making their home the place to be for summer fun. But when it comes to providing space for everyone to gather around the grill, and for all the kids to chase lightening bugs with sticky, popsicle-covered faces, its important to remember that every backyard pool area needs structurally accommodating, and aesthetically pleasing patio space to bring it all together.

Recently, the team at Maryland Curbscape provided our services to a home in the Millersville area. This backyard property had a well-constructed and properly maintained in-ground swimming pool, but the problem wasn’t the pool itself—it was the old, decrepit concrete pool deck that surrounded it. The pool was beautiful, but the concrete area had seen better days—Here is the before-and-after of Maryland Curbscape removing a withered concrete patio, and leaving another homeowner happy with their patio upgrade.

From a structural standpoint, this patio looks like it could use an extension. A major point made by the homeowner, was that there was hardly enough space for patio furniture. As you can see in the photo above, it looks difficult to even keep inflatable pool rafts within that small space–let alone patio furniture, a grill, snack table, or drink coolers. Also, with such a lack of space, it looks hard to walk past the pool without treading extremely close to the edge.

Aesthetically, we can see that the surrounding concrete patio could use a little more than just a quick clean up. The old, decrepit, and unkempt space didn’t do the rest of the beautiful backyard enough justice. This backyard’s concrete patio area was in need of serious attention, and the Maryland Curbscape team knew exactly what needed to be done, to execute a proper upgrade that compliments the beautiful in-ground swimming pool.

With an enthusiastic approach, the Maryland Curbscape team was able to get the job done in just one day. Since patio space was a major concern for the homeowner, our solution was to remove the old concrete and create an all-new, extended patio with layers of fresh concrete.

First, we marked off how far the new concrete patio space would extend. Next, we jackhammered the original decrepit concrete surrounding the pool and removed the debris. Finally, we installed new concrete—for a fresh, smooth, and comfortable space for an in-ground pool patio.

In this case, upgrading the in-ground pool’s patio space was the objective. In the photos above, we see how our team’s installation of fresh concrete perfectly compliments the backyard, and truly establishing the in-ground swimming pool as the centerpiece.

This recent patio upgrade in Millersville is another example of the Maryland Curbscape team providing passionate and quality service. This summer, maybe fresh concrete is all you need to upgrade your patio space into the perfect place for summer fun. For more information about how we can help, click here. From standard and traditional concrete repairs, to stamped concrete resurfacing, to decorative concrete landscaping, Maryland Curbscape does it all.

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