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Is Stamped Concrete Worth it?

Many homeowners are looking to increase their home’s curb appeal or enhance their outdoor living spaces. During their search, they will come across stamped concrete as an option. But is it worth it and is it a viable option for you?

That’s what we will help you discover for yourself. We will cover many commonly asked questions in regard to stamped concrete to help you weigh the options and discover if stamped concrete is a good choice for you.

What is stamped concrete exactly and how is it used?

First, it’s best to address what stamped concrete actually is. Stamped concrete is poured concrete that has been specially stamped and colored creating a unique design. What makes it unique, is that it provides the benefits of concrete but with an enhanced look and style. The main difference between concrete and stamped concrete is the stamping process and the colors used. 

The look can be quite comparable in looks to various stones, bricks or even wood. People use it in a number of ways to enhance their home’s curb appeal. It can be used for distinct driveways, patios or even landscaping. 

If you’ve ever been to a house with a sleek-looking colored “stone” patio without deep grooves between the stones then you likely have encountered stamped concrete.  

Are there different styles and colors

What makes stamped concrete unique, is the versatility in styles, colors and designs to choose from. Our local concrete company has over 40 colors and various styles to choose from. Others may have different colors and designs.

The designs can look like stone, wood, or have their own unique designs. You and all your neighbors could have stamped concrete yet have dramatically different looks. No matter if it is a modern or traditional home, a farmhouse style or cottage, stamped concrete can be designed to match the surrounding aesthetics.   

Examples of stamped concrete and what you can do with it

When it comes to stamped concrete, seeing is believing. You won’t really know if it’s something you want to do until you explore the different styles and find something that will match your home’s aesthetics and improve it. 

Below are some of our recent projects. You can also explore our gallery which features various projects for homes of all different styles.

Patios and pool decks

Sidewalks and driveways


Cost of Stamped concrete

The idea of stamped concrete is great, but homeowners want to know if the project would fit their budget.  The average cost of stamped concrete in Maryland is $17 – $18 / Sq. Foot. This varies from company to company and also depends on the complexity of the project and the site conditions.

For example, a patio that requires a basic stamped concrete pattern with one color is going to be more affordable than a patio that uses a combination of patterns, has borders and requires a varying set of contrasting colors.

As a general estimate, find the square footage of the area you want to add stamped concrete (multiply the length by the width) then multiply the square footage by 17. This will give you a baseline estimate for the costs of your project. For a more accurate estimate, contact a stamped concrete contractor.

How long does stamped concrete last and is there upkeep needed?

Stamped concrete customers are happy to know that their investment is not a high-maintenance one. Just like traditional poured concrete, stamped concrete can last decades if properly cared for.

It is recommended that stamped concrete (like other materials) is resealed every 2-3 years. Other than that, the only upkeep required is normal cleaning such as sweeping away debris or power washing.

Is stamped concrete right for you?

Is stamped concrete worth it? If you ask us, the answer is yes!

But this question is something that you must answer for yourself. If you’re wondering if it will match your home’s aesthetics then check out some of our recent projects to get an idea of what it may look like at your residence. 

If you are wondering the costs and details of a project then contact a local stamped concrete company near you. We can provide assistance to those in the Maryland area looking to learn more or who are in need of an estimate.

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