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Magical Makeovers by Maryland Curbscape

While concrete is a long-lasting, durable material, it also is vulnerable to degradation over time. This degradation, which can be caused by numerous reasons, including physical damage, chemical damage, calcium leaching, or other stimuli may present itself in a manner that is both unsightly and unsafe.

Such was the case with a recent Maryland Curbscape project with a townhome located in Elkridge, Maryland. An older townhouse, the seven concrete steps leading to its front entrance, although structurally sound, had an application of multiple coats of paint that had begun to peel, leaving an uneven, unattractive façade.

Luckily, we were able to do an overlay (also known as an overpour) – which means we didn’t have to jackhammer and remove old concrete, instead pouring a 2”-thick layer of new concrete on top of the concrete that was currently there. Overlays are practical as they can fix surface deficiencies while improving the overall soundness of the general structure and any deterioration therein.

Overlays are an easy, budget-friendly way to improve the area around your home, and can be used anywhere you might find concrete:

  • your driveway,
  • garage entrance,
  • walkway or back steps,
  • porch,
  • patio,
  • around your external HVAC systems,
  • or expanse around your swimming pool.

The clients asked us to install a customer-supplied metal handrail on the side, ensuring the steps would be safer to ascend while also adding a bit of curb appeal, and we completed the application with a “brushed” finish to give the surface a slip-resistant exterior. Installation took just a day to complete as overlays can be accomplished as speedily and efficiently as other paving methods, and the clients were able to walk on the new concrete the following morning.

Additional benefits of concrete overlays include the following:

  • Increased structural and load-carrying capacity;
  • Better durability than that of asphalt of similar thickness;
  • We offer a range of thickness that can be used – where we used 2” for this project, we can alter to any requirement; and
  • Overlays are recyclable.

The wonderful thing about this project is, that while it was not complex in nature, it worked to update the townhome’s “first impression” and really presents a beautiful, safe walkway to the house. It was a little bit of a “magical makeover” by Maryland Curbscape, and we’re pleased to have had the opportunity to help our clients accomplish this.

We look forward to helping you with any concrete needs you have for your home or professional space. We pride ourselves on delivering sound, safe, and well-done projects, giving our clients an enduring result they look forward to seeing.

To hear more about overlays or to schedule a free estimate, please contact us.

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