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Maryland Curbscape Fixes a Mess in Odenton With Stamped Concrete

The latest project for our team at Maryland Curbscape sent us to a home in Odenton. The homeowners were dealing with a messy and unsightly spot under their second-story deck on their single-family home.

Every time it rained, the area would turn into a mud pit, and they were hoping we could work our magic to turn this space into a functional area. Their goal: be able to entertain and still have some room for much-needed storage.

Maryland Curbscape Brings the Magic

Though a bit of a challenge, this was nothing the team at Maryland Curbscape couldn’t solve for these homeowners. Luckily, we were starting with a blank slate. Together with the homeowners, we came up with a design that included a step down to a small threshold, creating a pathway to the stairs that leads to the second-floor deck. After taking the time to select their preferred stamped concrete pattern that would complement the brown and white Trex deck, we were ready to begin.

Concrete needs a perfectly level surface to prevent cracking, so the first thing we had to do was level and grade the area. This process took most of the day, so we returned the following day to pour fresh concrete and lay the stamped concrete pattern.

On day two, we were ready to pour the fresh concrete. After smoothing out the concrete for a flawless finish, our team set to work, creating the tile pattern to stamp it to the homeowner’s specifications. Stamped concrete makes a difference in the finished project, and this home in Odenton was no exception.

They chose a creamy base color with brown accents to create a seamless look—as if the deck and patio were built together. After stamping the pattern and adding in stain and sealer, the project was complete. Now comes the most challenging part (for the homeowners, anyway): the wait until they could use their newly created space!

A Brand New Entertaining Space

After just two hard days of work, these happy Odenton homeowners went from an under-deck mud pit that was unusable to an area they could use for entertaining, storage, or anything else they could think of. The morning after the install, the newly stamped concrete was ready for action.

As you can see, this quick project made a huge impact on the homeowner’s backyard. Now they can enjoy their second-story deck while gazing down at their beautifully stamped concrete patio below. At Maryland Curbscape in Annapolis, Maryland, we aim to provide quality concrete work that brings functionality and style to your home and yard.

Do You Have a Project for Us?

Our goal is to take your vision and turn it into reality in concrete. No project is too big or small, and you are only limited by your imagination. With stamped concrete, you can get an expensive tiled look at a fraction of the cost. It’s also more durable and requires less upkeep than tile or stone projects.

Let our design team at Maryland Curbscape help you make your dreams a reality. Contact us today to get a free consultation on your concrete project!

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