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Maryland Curbscape… Making an Impression in Arnold!

When we made our initial visit to this home in Arnold, we understood why they had called. Their driveway was almost forty years old, and it was obvious that it had seen better days. It needed to be completely redone. The customer was concerned with how long it would take to replace, and how many days they would be without the use of their driveway. Once we set a date for service, we began to prepare for the job. We came out in the morning and got started jackhammering out the old concrete. This part was finished by midday.

After lunch, we poured the new driveway! The customer was thrilled to have the job completed in just one day! We felt great knowing that we had another satisfied customer on our hands… and one with a great looking driveway! The original driveway stops short on the right-hand side. We fixed that by extending the right side of the driveway, and you’ll see the walkway that continues around the side of the house. To enhance the curb appeal, we installed a curved walkway leading up to the front door of the house. These little touches are what sets Maryland Curbscape apart from other contractors. We pay attention to design and do what we can to delight every customer!

We finished the driveway, but our work in Arnold was not done yet. The customer had an old, splintery wooden patio in the backyard that really wasn’t safe for the kids. This allowed us to use one of our favorite creative mediums, stamped concrete. This particular pattern is known as “Boardwalk Plank Design” and gives the feel of wood, with the durability of concrete!

Tearing down the treacherous wooden patio, and creating an outdoor space for grilling, relaxing, or for the kids to play on, was a pleasure! We finished this project in two days. On the third day, the family could enjoy their new stamped concrete patio!

The customer selected this beautiful honey brown color for their patio.untitled The beauty of stamped concrete is available in a variety of colors and patterns that can be customized to the customer’s taste. Stamped concrete gives you a beautiful, durable addition to your home. There is no upkeep like there is with an actual wooden deck or patio that needs to be sanded, stained, and weatherproofed from time to time. Concrete can also be stamped to resemble stone, allowing you to get the appearance of a stone patio, with the durability of concrete and a fraction of the cost!

This story illustrates the range of projects and services that Maryland Curbscape can perform for clients just like you. We would love to hear about your concrete project and see how we can work together.

Whether you’re looking for an essential driveway replacement or something fancier in your backyard oasis, call on Maryland Curbscape to help boost your curb appeal and add to your enjoyment of your home. We’ve got something special in mind for your family!

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