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New Homeowners, New Backyard

Some of the most exciting times can also be some of our most stressful times, largely due to the unknown and any transitional periods that are associated with these often life-changing events. Maryland Curbscape recently completed work on a single-family home in Annapolis, where the homeowners were first-time homebuyers expecting their first child – the exciting part of our tale. As for the stressful portion, the couple had a large dog that would joyfully dig holes in the backyard, searching for something he had yet to find. Compounding matters was the poor drainage they were experiencing, making the area a sludgy, sloppy mess.

We met with the homeowners to evaluate the area and discuss their needs and wants as well as their budget, where our clients were pleasantly surprised to hear we were far less expensive than several paver brick estimates they had received from other contractors. Final choices for the backyard included both stamped and colored concrete, with rounded corners of the patio and steps. As you can see from the photos, out of 40+ colors, they chose a rich terra-cotta color for their patio and walkway, excited for the warm tones it would lend and how it would complement their landscaping.

The beautiful snow that fell days prior had turned the ground outlined for work into pliable earth, and we had several large puddles that had to be dealt with as far as leveling and grading went. The area was in dire need of our services! For the outcome, we implemented a flagstone stamping pattern that ran the length of the walkway, throughout the patio and was even found on the steps to the back of the house. The area became a welcoming respite and was large enough for backyard gatherings or BBQs, with an easy entry point from the side of the house-no more worrying about stepping over holes or mud puddles. Since we knew little feet would soon be gracing the area, we used a slip-resistant additive, a compound formulated to seal and protect the concrete, while adding a slight texture to the finish without changing or altering the color. The installation only required two days to complete.

Maryland Curbscape is eager for this family to enjoy using their new outdoor space and are proud that our work enables our clients to improve and invest in their living and work spaces at budget-conscious costs with manageable timelines.

If you have an idea for a project or want to learn more about what’s possible for your home, please contact us!

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