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Quality Concrete Work Keeps Homeowners Coming Back

If there’s one thing we appreciate as much as a customer referring our services to their friends, it’s when customers are so impressed with the work that we’ve previously completed for them, they want us to come back for more professional concrete work on their home.

This month, the professionals at Maryland Curbscape took a trip back to the Pleasant Plains neighborhood of Annapolis—where last year, we completed a concrete project for them, replacing their entire entrance walkway with fresh concrete. They were so pleased with our quick and thorough process, and loved the way the concrete walkway turned out, that they called us back for their next concrete project.

This time, when we returned to Annapolis to help out our friends in Pleasant Plains, we had to do a little more than just lay out some concrete. The homeowner was informed of a plumbing issue with the pipes located underneath their patio in the back yard, and needed the area cleared for the plumber to do their job.

In order for the plumber to access the faulty pipes underneath the patio, we brought out our jackhammer to get through the concrete. Although the patio was already old, decrepit, and in bad condition, it wasn’t a factor in the plumbing issue with the pipes, however the homeowner saw this as an opportunity for a new patio, once the piping issue was fixed.

The first part of the day was spent jackhammering out the old concrete patio. Once the plumber was able to get underneath the concrete and fix the piping issue, the second part of the day was spent pouring in and smoothing out brand new concrete. From start to finish, this project only took one day to complete, and was able to be enjoyed by the next morning.

It’s always great when past customers are so impressed with our work, they refer us to their friends and neighbors. And when we hear back from past customers to take care of more concrete work for them, that’s always great, too. Although this month’s project in Annapolis was a smooth and easy concrete job, we are always ready to take care of past customers who appreciate our work, just as much as we value their trust in our work.

Maryland Curbscape ensures each customer that the job is completed quickly and effectively. From driveways to sidewalks, and from demolishing to repaving, we are here to fulfill all of your basic concrete needs with our traditional and standard concrete services. Check out our testimonials page or our recent projects page, where over a dozen satisfied customers can tell you all about the impressive concrete work the team at Maryland Curbscape has recently completed for their homes. We also offer a free consultation, so be sure to schedule your concrete project soon—for more information about our concrete products and services, click here.

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