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Quality Concrete Work, With Versatility

When it comes to trustworthy and quality concrete work, Maryland Curbscape brings a little extra versatility to the services we provide.

This month, we took a trip to Annapolis and Arnold to take care of two different projects where our customers had two different problems, that called for two different solutions, where we applied the same care, precision, and quality of service to both—no matter how different the projects were from each other.

First, we visited a home in Annapolis, where we took care of a family’s driveway—where, as you could see was in need of a replacement. The critically deteriorated surface was not doing the rest of the beautiful property any justice. And if you notice the slope of the driveway, that added another problem for the family when it came to getting in and out of their vehicles. The entire driveway was in bad shape overall, and needed an upgrade.

The solution was to apply brand new steel reinforced concrete, replacing the entire driveway in just one day, from start to finish. And as for that slope that was causing problems, we decreased the angle of the slope and leveled it out, to make it more “user friendly”.

Next, we took a trip to a home in Arnold. Here, as you could see, the homeowner’s dilemma was the rotted and withered wooden deck in the back yard, that was in no shape to host any summer BBQ’s, and it just had to go.

The Maryland Curbscape solution was to dismantle the deck and and get rid of the debris to prepare the space for an all-new, custom stamped and colored concrete patio surface. Not only is this new concrete patio space virtually maintenance-free, but the stamped concrete’s beautiful slate tile was designed with the colored pigment mixed in, creating non-painted or topical slabs, keeping the color solid all the way through each slab of concrete. We also increased the size of the patio, getting it ready for patio-furnishing and end-of-summer entertaining—completing the project in just two days.

As you could see, the team at Maryland Curbscape brings quality concrete work with versatility. When it comes to upgrading your backyard living space or fixing your driveway’s functionality and style, we are here to provide Maryland homeowners with top-notch, trustworthy, and creative concrete solutions. From traditional, to modern, to decorative, our quality concrete work and services are sure to upgrade your outdoor living space—bringing exceptional style, class, and functionality to homes all over Maryland.

If your home’s outdoor living space is in need of professional care, and could use brand-new quality concrete work, check out our products and services. To read more about past projects and learn how else we have served our Maryland communities, click here.

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