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Quality Patio Upgrades For Our Local Communities

Maryland Curbscape is happy to provide quality patio upgrades, especially to when it comes to the communities that make Millersville so special.

Our services are for any local home or property owner—and we love this time of year, when we get to help them get ready for another relaxing summer—or “patio season”, depending on who you’re talking to. So far, one of the first projects the Maryland Curbscape team completed this June, was for patio upgrades or a patio surface upgrade for local 55-and-older community in the Millersville area.

After several years of living within the 55+ community, the homeowner decided it was time for a backyard patio upgrade. It took a long time to shop around and weigh their options for a design that works best with their backyard, but the homeowner finally decided they wanted to install a custom, stamped and colored patio area—and came to the right team to take care of it.

The custom stamped and colored patio design that the homeowner chose was a flagstone stamped pattern design, with a natural brown color palette. Not only does the texture and color palette compliment the backyard’s surroundings, but the homeowner already had wooden steps leading to the back door, which transitioned perfectly for the new patio surface.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Unlike gray or “regular” concrete, stamped concrete is custom-colored with your choice of over 40 different colors to choose from. In this process, while the concrete is still moist after being poured, the surface is embossed or stamped with a texture or pattern that typically resembles stone, brick, slate, tile, or wood.

After a short, two-day-long process, the patio surface area was finally installed and ready for patio furniture and summer decor, to create the perfect setting for ultimate, outdoor relaxation. This month’s project in Millersville is another example of how we provide passionate and quality service. Our team is always ready for the next concrete project, and looking foreword to our next trip out to your area. For more information about how we can help, click here.

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