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Resurfacing Concrete with Stamped Concrete (Before and After Pictures Included)

Every few years concrete needs resurfaced. Weather causes concrete to crack and break and resurfacing it can make it look good as new. For those who are thinking of resurfacing but want to add unique aesthetics to the concrete, they can choose a more decorative approach like stamped concrete.

Like traditional concrete resurfacing, stamped concrete resurfacing saves you the headaches and money of tearing up old concrete and then replacing it with new.

If you’re wondering if stamped concrete resurfacing or general resurfacing is right for you, then continue reading or give us a call. We are a concrete construction company in Maryland that specializes in stamped concrete and can answer any questions you may have.

The stamped concrete resurfacing process

Photo of a worker stamping concrete.

Resurfacing with stamped concrete is a very similar process to traditional resurfacing. If you’ve had concrete laid then you will likely be familiar with most of the process.

Step 1: The old concrete is cleaned 

Step 2: Fill in any divots or large cracks in the old concrete

Step 3: Lay the resurfacing

Step 4: Spread the concrete

Step 5: Add color and/or textures

Step 6: Stamp the concrete

Step 6: Allow the concrete to cure

Step 7: Cut control joints into the concrete

Step 8: Seal the concrete

The obvious difference with resurfacing is that there’s less site work because the ground has already been prepared in the original lay. And of course, there is the added stamping aspect of it. The process itself can take several hours depending on the size of the job but most of the waiting period for homeowners is spent waiting for the concrete to cure. 

Where can decorative resurfacing be done?

Stamped concrete can be done wherever concrete can be poured. Driveways, patios, pool decks, outdoor living areas, etc. If you have a concrete area then it can be resurfaced with a decorative design.

Examples of stamped concrete resurfacing

One of the best ways of knowing whether stamped concrete is right for you is by seeing the finished product. Many are unsure whether a decorative concrete design will go well with their home’s aesthetics until they see a few examples. 

To help you get a glimpse of what it can do for you, we want to show you some of our stamped concrete resurfacing jobs. 

To view more project examples visit our gallery page.

Can you DIY stamped concrete resurfacing?

Many homeowners like to attempt projects themselves as it can save money and also gives a sense of pride knowing you had a hand in creating your beautiful outdoor space. Concrete resurfacing is no different. 

Concrete resurfacing can be done as a DIY project by someone experienced though we recommend hiring an expert to ensure it’s properly done. This provides longevity to your concrete. 

Stamped concrete on the other hand takes is a more complex project and takes more tools and experience than most people have. If you’re looking to resurface concrete with stamped concrete we would highly recommend hiring an experienced stamped concrete contractor to do so. 

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