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Small Budget? Large Results!

Have you lived in Maryland for long? If so, you know that the weather can run the gamut: it can be warm and sunny one day, and cold and breezy the next. As the old adage goes, “If you get tired of the weather, wait for tomorrow.” All of this means that your cement may experience ice, snow, drizzle, sleet, and other forms of precipitation that affect its overall look and integrity. Worth mentioning is the natural settling that occurs to homes over time, also affecting your structural foundation.

Because of this, the winter can wreak havoc on your driveway, years of use and settling can create an uneven surface, or you may suffer cracking in your garage or other areas. We know how worrisome weather and the effects of time can be on your property. While it may seem overwhelming or cost- prohibitive to consider repairs, we’re here to tell you that, even with a modest budget, Maryland Curbscape can help you with overall improvements to your deteriorating, unsafe, or weathered concrete and the overall aesthetics to your home.

We recently completed work in Crownsville, Maryland, focusing on some major settling issues in the front corner of our client’s garage floor. Random surface cracking in the flooring had also occurred throughout the two-car garage. All of this was contributing to several concerning issues: the rubber garage door seal would not close all the way, and water was leaking into the garage and pooling in the front corner, making complications that could lead to costly structural foundation problems. Due to cost constraints, replacing the entire garage floor was not an option, so we set to jackhammering the front corner and replaced an expanse measuring 10’x15’ in area. Our projects typically are done quickly and effectively and only take two days or less, and in this case, we finished the repairs in just one day. The client’s vehicles were parked within the garage after one week, giving the concrete a chance to properly dry into place and give it a nice, smooth finish — right in time to avoid the cold weather moving in!

With the rise and fall in temperatures, winter can be hard on our bodies, and it can hard on our driveways and flooring as well. To avoid additional expenses due to cracking, settling, and potential water and winter-related damage, give us a call at 443-623-2068. We can also overlay most stable concrete surfaces, covering up pits, flakes, or otherwise weakened surfaces. We’ll work with you to develop the best pricing for your project—and what’s possible might just surprise you.

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