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Stamped Concrete For Pool Decks

Do you want to know about a low-maintenance and high-quality concrete option for your pool deck? If you are looking to install a pool or redo your current pool deck, an option to consider is stamped concrete which offers a luxurious look while remaining more cost-effective than brick and pavers.

We know that a large investment such as redoing your pool deck can be stressful, and trying to gather all of the right information can be difficult. This blog post will help you learn more about stamped concrete and why it could be the best option for your pool deck. We hope this information will help you in your decision-making. But first, what exactly is stamped concrete? We are glad you asked!

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete, unlike regular concrete, gives homeowners the creative freedom to choose a stamped finish which can resemble stone, brick, wood, and more. You can also choose from an array of colors and can even add custom designs as well, making this a great option for those who want to add a very personal touch to their property. Stamped concrete can be used for walkways, pool decks, patios, driveways, and any outdoor living space. Stamped concrete offers a luxurious aesthetic without having to frequently repair or maintain it, unlike traditional brick and pavers which demand frequent maintenance and can become loose over time.

Unlike regular concrete, stamped concrete is much more customizable and versatile due to its customization options. While the concrete is being poured and is still “wet”, the surface is embossed or stamped with a texture or pattern that can resemble stone, brick, slate, tile or wood.

Wondering if choosing stamped concrete over other options is a good idea?

Is It A Good Idea?

Deciding whether to choose stamped concrete for your pool deck is a tough decision, especially if you have little to no experience with it. You may be asking yourself if it is even a good idea to get stamped concrete over bricks or pavers. Here are some things that make stamped concrete worth it:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Unlike traditional concrete, stamped concrete can mimic the look of natural stone, brick, wood, and tile. This allows homeowners to create a custom look for their property, down to the specific color they want their concrete to be. When it comes to stamped concrete, the possibilities are endless! You can customize your concrete with textured or “stamped” designs to make it resemble materials like stone, slate, wood, or brick.
  • Maintenance and durability: An outdoor space such as a pool deck is likely to get heavy foot traffic, which makes stamped concrete an excellent option because of its durability and being relatively low-maintenance. And unlike pavers or bricks, you will not have to worry about individual pieces coming loose or weeds and moss growing in between them. Stamped concrete is a lot easier to maintain than your other options. You may wantto get it re-sealed every few years, however, you will not need to worry about controlling weed and moss growth.
  • Safety considerations: Since we are specifically talking about stamped concrete for your pool deck, it is important to highlight how you can choose stamped concrete with slip resistance or a non-slip sealer. This is important, especially for a pool deck where pool water will inevitably end up on the concrete. Having that non-slip option is a game changer and provides you with that extra safety precaution so that you and your family can enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest.
  • Cost: When it comes to the cost of stamped concrete in comparison to brick pavers and stone, stamped concrete is cheaper. While brick pavers and stone cost $30 or more per square foot, stamped concrete is only $19 to $20 per square foot. Stamped concrete provides a luxurious aesthetic without the luxury price tag. However, it is important to note that maintenance costs may be higher than brick pavers and stone.

Things to Think About Before Choosing Stamped Concrete

In addition to the information above, there are some things that you need to know and think about before choosing stamped concrete. From initial costs to the installation, there is a lot to think about and take into consideration. Here are some things to consider:

  • Initial cost vs long term value: As you read earlier, stamped concrete is a relatively affordable option compared to other options. However, it is still important to evaluate the initial cost versus the long-term value. With any investment in your property, you want it to add value and last a long time. With stamped concrete, the cost is slightly higher than traditional concrete but it can raise the value of your home or allow you to sell at a higher selling price when the time is right.
  • Timing the installation process: If you’re planning to create a stamped concrete pool deck before the summer months then make sure to consider the timing of the installation process. For a small to standard-size pool deck you can expect to use your deck by the end of the week following the initial pour. However, the size of the deck, the complexity of the job, and weather conditions can all affect this process. So while the process doesn’t take too long, it’s wise to plan your stamped concrete job several weeks before any big parties or events at your home.
  • Areas beyond your pool deck: Have you thought about how the aesthetic of your pool deck will match the surrounding landscape and aesthetic of the rest of your home? Planning the proper look is important in bringing out the beauty of your home, whereas haphazardly installing stamped concrete can create an awkward appearance. It may be that you even consider stamped concrete for the rest of your home’s walkways to create a unified look.

Thinking through the installation and appearance of your stamped concrete is an important part of ensuring you get the perfect look that enhances the overall curb appeal of your home. Take time to walk the property and think through every detail.

Stamped Concrete Beyond the Pool Deck

Having a cohesive design between your pool deck and walkways creates a beautiful outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy. But there are also some practical aspects of getting stamped concrete walkways. Here are some aspects that make stamped concrete a great fit for your outdoor walkways:

  • Safety: Stamped concrete is a great option for outdoor walkways to your pool because there is an option to have a slip resistant finish, allowing you and your family to enjoy the pool and outdoor space to its fullest. No one wants to end a pool party early because someone slipped and hurt themselves. With stamped concrete, you can have peace of mind and relax in your oasis!
  • Durability and maintenance: Stamped concrete is more than capable of handling foot traffic making it ideal for outdoor walkways. As for maintenance, it is the exact same as stamped concrete for your pool deck. You will need to get everything re-sealed every two to three years.
  • Create a unified look: Integrating stamped concrete in your outdoor spaces (whether it be your pool deck, walkways, or patios) can be that missing piece that ties the entire backyard together. And with the customization options, you can truly create a personalized space for you and your family to enjoy.

Looking for some inspiration, or want to learn about stamped concrete walkways? Check out this information to read about some concrete walkway ideas and see some photo examples of real projects.

Example Photos

To help you get a better visual of what stamped concrete looks like, we have provided some photos from real projects we have completed here at Maryland Curbscape. Go ahead and take a look–the photos do not lie!

Interested In Stamped Concrete For Your Outdoor Space?

Now you know a little more about stamped concrete and can decide if it is a good option for your pool deck. We hope that this information was helpful for you. When deciding whether stamped concrete is right for your outdoor space, take all the information into account. Here at Maryland Curbscape, concrete is our expertise. If you are in Maryland and want to move forward with stamped concrete for your pool deck, or are looking for more information, give us a call at 443-623-2068. We’d be happy to help point you in the right direction.

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