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Stamped Concrete Styles and Designs

Stamped concrete is uniquely textured concrete that can be used for patios, walkways, pool decks, driveways or wherever concrete is traditionally poured. It offers the benefits of concrete but with nearly limitless design options and styles. This means that homeowners can have the same affordable, durable and low-maintenance option as concrete but with improved style and beauty.

Our stamped concrete designs can resemble the look of stone, brick, slate, tile, wood and various other patterns and is available in over 40 different colors. So, if you have a design theme in mind, or want to ensure your concrete walkway or patio area enhances the curb appeal of your home, then don’t worry, there are options available for you.

We’ve gathered pictures from some of our various projects to help you see some of the different ways stamped concrete can look. If you have questions or are interested in having stamped concrete installed in the Maryland area, then give us a call.

Stamped Concrete Styles


Stone concrete paths and walkways can add rustic charm and beauty to any home. With the use of stamped concrete, you can choose the look, color, style and even texture of the stone to get the ideal look. When concrete is stamped using a “random” stone pattern, you get the look of hand-laid stone without the expense.

Here are some of our recent stone projects:


Brick offers a lovely timeless look that can enhance any garden or seating area. With the various colors and designs, it can go well with any home style. Stamped concrete provides the charm and versatility of brick without the upkeep. Because it’s a solid concrete area your bricks won’t wiggle loose or grow weeds between them.

Check out some of the different brick colors and styles we’ve created with stamped concrete.


A popular choice for modern homes because of its unique aesthetic, slate stone designs are great for outdoor living spaces. These styles make for great poolside, patio or living spaces. Like with other natural stone options, stamped concrete provides the textures and looks to give you the perfect look without the costs.

Here are some of our stamped concrete slate designs.


Wood offers a beautiful natural look to any garden or outdoor space. Because of the different textures and colors of wood, it can provide a nice accompaniment to homes of all styles. Natural wood is beautiful but it can warp, fade and rot. Stamped concrete textured wood can help homeowners get the natural wood look they’re going for but without the fuss and maintenance of real wood.

Take a look at some of the various wood-textured stamped concrete projects we’ve completed.


Stamped concrete has more to offer than what appears on the surface. Yes, it’s an affordable alternative for natural stone and wood outdoor spaces but it can also be personalized to provide a one-of-a-kind look. Between the ability to have flexible designs and the multitude of color options, one can create some truly beautiful features.

Here’s just a small glimpse at some of the artistic stamped concrete designs that are possible.

Want to transform your outdoor space?

Stamped concrete has been a growing trend for homeowners over the years because it is such a versatile yet affordable option. It can be used for living spaces, walkways, driveways, landscape edging, pool decks, or anywhere else that concrete can be laid. If you’re looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal or improve your outdoor spaces then consider it for your next project.

As a stamped concrete contractor in Maryland, we can help you better understand if it’s right for you and help you to design the perfect style for your home. Simply give us a call and let us know how we can help.

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