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The Beauty of Today’s Stamped Concrete

It’s hard to believe that stamped concrete has been around since the 1950s. It was, of course, a very different product than the one we see today. Once it was introduced at the World of Concrete exhibition in the 1970’s, it started growing in popularity. More people looked to it as a compromise when they could not afford stone or brick pavers. It has the strength and durability of stone and brick but at a fraction of the cost.

Fast forward to today, and stamped concrete is no longer considered a compromise but an attractive option on its own. The many unique patterns and colors which are available today can imitate several different surfaces, such as tile, wood, brick, and stone. It can be more durable than these natural building materials.

Examples of Stamped Concrete Projects in Maryland

The patterns can be as unique as the imagination. This photo above shows a feature added as an embellishment that brings a point of interest to the artistry.

Glen Burnie Stamped Concrete Walkway Project

We designed this stamped concrete walkway for a client in Glen Burnie, Maryland. You’ll notice that it makes an excellent path to the front door of the home. You’ll be welcoming family and guests alike with exceptional curb appeal!

Although it is commonly used for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and decks, it can even be used for interior flooring. Stamped concrete floors are a popular choice for custom home builders today.

Beautiful Stamped Concrete in Cape Saint Claire

Meanwhile, in the Cape Saint Claire suburb of Annapolis, Maryland, this family opted for a stamped concrete driveway when it was time to replace their worn existing driveway at their older home. It gives them something more interesting than traditional concrete.

Another family in Cape Saint Claire, Maryland, chose stamped concrete for their outdoor entertaining space in the backyard. As you look at these pictures, you’ll notice the difference in style and color for each of these stamped concrete projects.

Although the two can be combined and used side by side, some processing factors separate regular concrete from stamped concrete. In the stamped concrete process, a base color is added, as well as an accent color. Then the pattern is stamped into the concrete. Often, a stain and sealer are added to enhance the look of the finished product. The results are amazing, and you get a structure that lasts longer than wood or paved stone but has all the beauty!

Combination Walkway/Patio in Bowie, Maryland

Here is the proof that regular concrete and stamped concrete can co-exist. This walkway and patio project in Bowie, Maryland, shows the walkway in standard concrete, leading to a patio showing the combination of both concrete styles.

Let’s Build Your Stamped Concrete Project

At Maryland Curbscape, we would love to help you build your vision in concrete. Contact us today, and let’s set aside some time to talk about your project! Our design team is standing by to help you realize all your stamped concrete dreams!

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