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Uninspiring Becomes Unique

Spring brings with it beautiful flowers, verdant landscapes, and bright skies. You are probably finding yourself looking out the window much more, gazing out at your surroundings as your eye is drawn outside. And though you may see Mother Nature’s handiwork at play, you may notice a little more than the trees and vegetation. You may see how your outside space isn’t as stellar as it could be; it might be lacking in aesthetics and curb appeal. Are you looking for something with a little more pizzazz? Bring perpetual beauty to your surroundings with custom stamped concrete.

Maryland Curbscape recently worked with a homeowner in the Fairwood community of Bowie. The client had been staring out at an uninspired patch of grass in the backyard for quite a few years. It wasn’t unsightly by any means; it was just “blah.” The expanse of green was being underutilized, and the owner was ready to make a change. After our initial meeting, it was decided to create a curved stamped concrete patio leading out of the basement.

Together with the client, we chose to implement a flowing “free-form”-shaped design to the asymmetrical patio. It was further personalized with a beautifully bronzed color pigment that was added to the concrete to compliment the architecture of the house. The pigment added depth and distinction to the concrete, which was then set fully apart with a compass medallion imprint laid in the middle of the flagstone stamped pattern. The finished patio was a completely unique installation; we worked with the client to make something tailored and truly one-of-a-kind.

Completed in two days, this project affected very little of the surrounding lawn and landscape. If you are looking to impart something new in your front yard, backyard, or, really, any area around your home or building space, we have many options. Different ways concrete is a better, customizable option include:

  • Patterns – we have a multitude to choose from;
  • Colors/pigments – a palette of over 40 hues to enhance your project; and
  • Affordability – less expensive than other patio surface options

In addition to the above, you can also be sure that your stamped concrete project will be long-lasting and low-maintenance. Maryland Curbscape loves the opportunity to inspire you. It’s our goal to freshen up a living space, giving our clients a durable, practical way to enjoy the outdoors—not only when things are in bloom, but year-round.

Ready to discuss an idea for your home or if you’d like to look over our portfolio of past projects, please contact us.

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