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Concrete resurfacing & repair

Concrete resurfacing and repair is a process aimed at rejuvenating and enhancing the appearance and functionality of existing concrete surfaces. Over time, concrete can deteriorate due to various factors such as weathering, usage, and structural stress, leading to cracks, spalling, or surface imperfections. Resurfacing involves applying a thin layer of new concrete or a specialized overlay onto the existing surface, creating a fresh and durable finish

What are my design and color options?

The overlay products support unlimited possibilities of color, texture and shape. Create the look of natural stone, slate,  brick, or tile. Color combinations, textures and design possibilities are endless and can meet any budget.

What types of surfaces can you overlay?

Overlays can be installed to almost any stable concrete surface. You can apply an overlay to cover up pitted, flaked, or otherwise deteriorated concrete surfaces without the expense and mess of demolition and disposal.

Does the surface require any particular kind of maintenance?

We recommend resealing an exterior surface every three years.  The sealer makes the surface impervious to many chemicals, UV radiation, and water. Surfaces can simply be cleaned with mild household detergents or light power washing.

Are the surfaces slippery?

Many of the surface designs are naturally slip resistant because of their roughened texture. In locations where the surface will often be wet, such as around pool decks or hot tubs, slip-resistant additives can be added to ensure even more “grip”.

Can overlays be used to correct uneven surfaces or fill in low spots?

Yes. We can apply overlay up to many inches thick to compensate for a poor quality surface provided that the base is in stable condition.

Can you apply just a thin overlay?

For most applications the overlays we apply are a minimum of 2 inches thick. This is to ensure a solid surface that is durable to last through the elements. Some overlay applications can be applied as thin as 1/2 of an inch but it is not recommended.

Can overlays be used in new construction and remodeling?

Decorative overlays are becoming the industry standard for surface renovation and repair  but may also be specified for new construction and remodeling. With the virtually limitless texture and color palette available, you can achieve a custom, high-end  look at a substantial savings.

How expensive are decorative overlays and concrete resurfacing?

This question is difficult to answer on a general basis without first knowing specific  project details (overall size, shape, existing surface condition, etc.)  Most customers are often surprised at how inexpensive decorative overlays can be compared to the cost of traditional flooring and hardscape materials.

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