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Custom Landscape Borders

Maryland Curbscape is dedicated to serving your custom landscape border needs by producing the highest quality concrete curbing available on the market today. We do so in a manner that promotes exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

You’ve probably heard the saying “All roads lead to Rome”…but did you know 5,300 miles of those roads were built from concrete? That’s just one little-known fact about concrete, the most durable and versatile building material in the world.

Transform Your Home & Landscape with Concrete Curbing

Now is the time to improve your home’s “curb appeal”…and adding custom concrete curbing is the best and most cost effective way to upgrade and add beautify to your property while saving time and money with lawn and landscape maintenance. Concrete curbing is an attractive, durable, maintenance-free alternative to traditional landscape edging products such as wood timbers, brick pavers, stones or plastic. It looks terrific around garden beds, walkways and driveways. Available in many colors, shapes and textures, concrete curbing allows you to create a customized look to complement your home and landscape perfectly.

When compared to traditional edging and border products such as wood, stone, brick, plastic, or metal,  –  concrete curbing outperforms them all.  And despite its abundance of benefits, it remains surprisingly affordable. And when you choose Maryland Curbscape, your project is completely custom…each job is performed to your specifications. You select the color, texture, stamp, and design layout. The stamped patterns can be used to produce the look of brick, stone, slate, rock or wood. With over 40 colors and 15 stamp and texture patterns to choose from, the possibilities to mix and match colors are virtually endless. No two jobs are ever the same! The color is added directly to the concrete mixture so it will not peel, flake, or chip. Your curb is poured on-site using specialized tools and equipment. Because no heavy machinery is needed, it’s done without damaging your lawn, existing landscape beds or gardens. And it takes very little time to install. As Paul Joseph, the company’s owner, says, “It just takes a day to transform your entire property. You’ll be amazed at the difference!”

Why Concrete Curbing?

When compared to traditional edging and border products such as wood, stone, brick, plastic, or metal, decorative concrete curbing outperforms them all.  Concrete curbing is the only product available that can truly offer all the features and benefits listed below and yet remain surprisingly affordable!

  • Elegant and affordable
  • Professional appearance adds value and “curb appeal” to your home
  • Provides a clean, “manicured” look that conforms to the contours, and shapes of your landscaped areas
  • Unlimited combination of colors, textures, and stamped patterns allows for true personal customization
  • Acts as root barrier. Prevents weeds and grass from invading your flowerbeds
  • Prevents mulch spill off and erosion
  • Lawn maintenance and edge trimming is made much easier and is less time consuming
  • Resists termites, insects, and mildew growth unlike wood products
  • Will not move or separate like brick pavers or stone products
  • Is safer, especially when compared to sharp metal products that can rust
  • Professionally installed in one day with no need to disturb or damage the existing landscape
  • Written warranty protects your investment

Curb Styles

  • Slant Style – Our most popular style. The slanted shape showcases the stamped and textured patterns.
  • Mower Style – The unique two tier shape adds definition and flair to the landscape. Stamped and textured patterns also show very well.
  • Rectangular Style (6×4) – This style works well for homes set on larger lots. The massive look creates proportion and dimension between the home and landscape.
  • Commercial Curb – The gray colored 6” X 6” curb is usually the specification used by architects and commercial contractors. Vertical and horizontal rebar can be installed to attain the strongest curb possible. Commercial Curb cannot be stamped or textured, however it can be custom colored.


How long are the pieces and where can I buy them?

You can’t buy them. The curb is not sold in pieces or sections. The curb is poured on site at your home or property using specialized tools and equipment. Each job is performed to your specifications. You choose the color, texture, stamp, and design layout. No two jobs are ever the same.

How deep do you dig?

We dig about 1-2″ inches deep and about 9″ wide using a sod cutter. We use the sod cutter to cut a level path where the curb will be made. This is done without damaging your existing landscape beds or gardens.

What about the ground freezing and moving?

A major benefit of concrete curbing is that it is continuous piece of concrete. Unlike bricks pavers or stone products that can shift and separate during the winter months and over a period of time, concrete curbing is made to be flexible. Control joints are placed every 4 feet along the length of the curb to provide flexibility. If a crack were to develop, it would be at a control joint and be so subtle that it would hardly be noticeable.

Is the color painted onto the surface?

No. The color is added to the concrete mixture. The color will not peel, flake, or chip. There are over 40 colors to choose from. The possibilities to mix and match colors are endless.

What are the stamped patterns?

We have 15 different stamp and texture patterns to choose from. The stamped patterns can be used to produce the look of brick, stone, slate, rock or wood.

How often should the curb be sealed?

The curb is sealed with a clear acrylic based UV sealant during the installation. Curbs should be re-sealed every two to three years. Many customers choose this as a do it yourself weekend project. We do however offer this service at a very reasonable price if you are not the DIY type.

What’s the warranty?

We provide a one year replacement warranty on materials and workmanship. Excluded is damage caused by vandalism, snow removal equipment, negligent use of garden tools, or heavy equipment movement over or around the curb.

Is concrete curbing affordable?

Yes! Not only is concrete curbing durable, elegant, and functional, it is surprisingly very affordable. Concrete curbing is very competitively priced to traditional landscape products that do not compare in terms of quality and long term value.

Ready to Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics?